Hi there! I am Lisa Larsen, a New York-based Art Director and Graphic Designer. I graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design, and specialize in branding and marketing. After working full time as an Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Advertising for 5 years and working on personal and freelance projects, I launched my own freelance studio in order to collaborate more directly with my clients.
While working as an Art Director at Saatchi, I worked with multi-million dollar brands for clients such as Pfizer, Abbot and Sanofi, creating US and global advertising, educational, and concepting work for physician and consumer markets in both print and digital spaces. Areas of concentration included oncology, autoimmune disease, vaccines, and chronic conditions.
As a freelancer, I specialize in developing new brands, projects, and start-ups in a variety of disciplines including nonprofit, wellness, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment, while also working in conjunction with major agencies on various established healthcare brands with those whom I have developed lasting relationships with during my agency days.
I believes in the importance of form following function—that the design should be dictated by need. And I cherish collaboration to create solutions that are beautiful, practical, and most importantly, solve the problem. I believe each project is an opportunity. As a designer, there is always something new to discover or understand more deeply. I enjoy the process and take the needs of the project seriously. No matter how good the design looks, if it doesn't fulfill its purpose, then it doesn't work.
So, if my philosophy makes sense to you and you are interested in collaborating with me, reach out! Visit my contact pageemail me directly, or shout me out on social media. I look forward to it.